Do Eyebrows Grow Back? Discover the Answer



Do eyebrows grow back? It has always been one of the most common questions among women who happen to “accidentally” shave off most of them. Thus, it seems like they never have them at all. This is also the question for those who are suffering from hair loss such as alopecia. Even if they don’t want to, their eyebrows would just fall off.

Regrow Eyebrows: How Long It Takes

Fortunately, you can always grow eyebrow, but there’s a catch. It will basically take you around 8 to 12 weeks before you can see the first signs of them. This is horrendous for many, since the days could be long and in between they can be subject to judgmental eyes and scrutiny of friends and strangers. One of the best options therefore is to consider an eyebrow grower, natural or man-made.

How to Make Eyebrows Grow

You don’t have to spend the rest of your days moping and whining about your eyebrow problem. It would not force the hairs to grow back easily. What you can do is to follow these simple steps. So far, they are the best remedies for you:

  1. Focus on your brushing skills. While you’re waiting for yourself to grow eyebrow, you can practice excellent brushing techniques. You can go to a good salon or have your girlfriend who’s an expert in cosmetics to show you how to fill in those brows as if you have a lot of hairs in the first place. You can also make use of an eyebrow pencil.
  2. Talk to your doctor about it. This may sound a little off, but as mentioned, the problem with your eyebrow loss may be due to an illness. Seeing a doctor will inform you of your real condition as well as the right treatment or medication that you need to take.
  3. Get rid of harmful cosmetic products. There are certain beauty products that do more harm than good—and you don’t even know it. For example, certain shampoos or eyebrow liners can be irritating to the eyebrows, and the result would be their falling off. Be observant, and if you notice that they seem to be the cause, stop their use for a while and ask recommendations for better alternatives.
  4. Cover the brows. If you can’t flaunt them, then hide them. You can wear your bangs, which is an in hairstyle these days, or you can enhance your facial features with very sexy eyeglasses or shades. You can also go out wearing a brimmed hat, which can make you look ultra fashionable.

Get an Eyebrow Enhancer

Better yet, you can help yourself to regrow eyebrows. A very good option will be to use Revita Brow, an eyebrow stimulator. It’s fortified with the essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals to ensure that you don’t only grow eyebrow fast, but that you can also make your eyebrows look fuller and bolder. They can also strengthen the hairs, so they don’t come off that easily. The product has been dermatogically tested, so you don’t need to worry of any adverse effects. Do eyebrows grow back? Yes, they do. You can do all the necessary steps while waiting for them to do so, or you can stimulate their growth and make them appear fast with a truly effective eyebrow enhancer.