Uncover the Secrets on How to Grow Eyebrows

Grow Eyebrows

Grow Eyebrows

It seems like you will never run out of reasons why you need to grow eyebrows. First, they actually serve as protection to the eyes. When sweat starts to drip from your head, it doesn’t get into your eyes easily; thus, there’s no need to worry about feeling the sweat’s saltiness. Second, thicker eyebrows make your eyes look more prominent and expressive. Simply put, they enhance your facial features.

How Long Does It Take for Eyebrows to Grow Back

Sad to say, there are some instances when you suffer from eyebrow loss. One of the foremost causes is the way you pluck them. You may have been so vigorous that you have actually removed the hairs from the roots. Thus, it will take a while for you to regrow eyebrows. In fact, it will take you more than 2 months to grow eyebrows.

It even becomes a lot longer when you suffer from a medical condition such as alopecia. This means that the immune system prevents the development of follicles where hairs grow because your body will view them as threats or bacteria. On the other hand, some are simply born with thinner eyebrows—it comes with lineage.

How to Grow Eyebrows Back

You can, however, grow your eyebrows a lot faster through natural and scientific methods. You can start with the following:

  1. iOlive oil. Olive oil is very easy to procure. You just need to buy them from the groceries. Applying it is also very simple. You have to spread a small amount of it from the Q-tip of the hair. Ensure that you only put the oil to the spot where you want your hairs to grow. If you have some eyebrow hairs, you can comb them using a special brush or even a toothbrush. Go for the direction where you want the hair to be. You can do this every night and simply wash the oil off in the morning.
  2. Vaseline. Vaseline is also another favorite product for growing beautiful eyebrows. The procedure is almost the same as olive oil, though you may have to apply this at least twice a day. If the olive oil can speed up the growth of hairs, Vaseline can promote thicker eyebrows, which you need to make them appear bolder. You can also have more control as to how you can thin out your eyebrows later on.
  3. Castor Oil. This combines the essential benefits of the other two. Thus, besides growing your eyebrows very fast, they can also be made thicker.

Grow Beautiful Eyebrows with Revita Brow

There are also products out there that can surely grow eyebrows in half the time. This means that you can expect fuller and thicker hair in a span of a month or even less than that. We are talking about Revita Brow. This scientifically proven eyebrow stimulator comes with vitamins and proteins that can enhance the condition of your eyebrow hair, making them more manageable, thicker, and bolder. Therefore, your eyebrows can further define the look of your eyes and, of course, your face.