Get Rid of Thin Eyebrows and Make Your Eyes More Attractive

There are numerous women who do have thin eyebrows—which can sometimes be a sad thing. For one, it only means that they don’t have enough protection for their eyes against sweat and dust. They also won’t be able to highlight one of the most prominent features of their face: the eyes.

Why Eyebrow Hair Growth Seems Slow

Thin Eyebrows

Thin Eyebrows

There are a number of reasons why you have thinning eyebrows or when they grow very slow. It could be because of the way you plucked. If you have shaved a lot of them, you can never really expect them to be bushy in a short while. This is especially true when you have removed the hairs from the tip. You may also be one of those women who suffer from hair loss, which means your eyebrows can get affected by it. The illness is called alopecia.

Your immune system can’t recognize follicles, the ones that trigger the growth of hair. When they develop, they are “instantly killed” by your body’s defenses, thinking that they are bacteria. In the end, you don’t only grow bald on your head, but you can’t also find eyebrows and other body hair growing. It could also be genetics. There are certain races that don’t have very thick eyebrows. Moreover, if any of your immediate relatives have thin ones, then you can also have thin eyebrows too.

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster

There are, however, some of the best tips on how to grow thick eyebrows. You can follow any or even all of them:

  1. Know the reason for the thin eyebrows. When you know the cause, it will be very easy for you to determine the best possible solution. For example, if the real reason for your thinning eyebrows is alopecia, then you have to seek help from a doctor. Unless the illness is cured, getting your brows back is next to impossible. He may also suggest hair transplantation, which can be costly but has allowed some women—and even men—gain back their self-confidence.
  2. Make use of an eyebrow pencil. The purpose of the eyebrow pencil is to cover the patchy or hairless area of your eyebrows. That’s why you need to pick a color that blends well or matches that of your eyebrows. For instance, blond women should settle for light brown ones, while redheads are safe with taupe. It is important that you don’t draw eyebrow lines. Otherwise, it will become very obvious, and your eyebrows will start to look very artificial.

Go for a Brow Enhancer

There are also cosmetic products that are meant for growing eyebrows, but you should be extremely cautious as not all of them can truly be friendly to your hair. You can start with Revita Brow. This specially made stimulator has helped thousands of women all over the world end their problems with thin eyebrows. It contains a good amount of protein that speeds up the growing process, while making sure that every strand is strong. Its tinted effect also makes your brows appear bolder and thicker.