Losing Eyelashes and How You Can Get Your Eyelashes Back at Once

Losing Eyelashes

Losing Eyelashes

Are you one of those who are losing eyelashes? Indeed, there are a lot of women who are scared that they may not be able to see their lashes grow back or that they will no longer be able to achieve those luscious eyelashes that make their eyes very attractive. The good news is that you don’t have to be in limbo when it comes to your eyelashes. There are some causes and, of course, solution to your problem.

Can Eyelashes Grow Back?

For those who are losing eyelashes, one of the foremost questions is this. The answer is a big yes. However, it may take some time before they do so. On the average, you can have your eyelashes back in a span of two to four weeks. There are others who will never have them until the eighth week. There are a lot of factors that can cause their loss. For one, you may be using harmful products to your eyelids. Some of them are so strong that they tend to weaken the hold of the hairs in the follicles, thus falling off. There are also women who suffer from medical conditions such as eyelid infections. You could have also accidentally or deliberately pulled off your eyelashes. Lastly, there are girls who are born with thin and weak eyelashes. For a simple curling procedure, they can already fall out from the lids.

How to Make Eyelashes Grow

Another good news is that there are a lot of ways on how you can make those losing eyelashes grow once more. There are actually two kinds of them. You can make use of natural or home-made remedies, or you can settle for eyelash growth products.

  1. Olive and castor oil. Ask a woman who has dealt with lost eyelashes, and she would probably tell you that one of the techniques that she used was to dab a small amount of oil on her eyelids every night until she can see the first signs of hair growth. If it works for her, then there’s a possibility that it will for you too. They are readily available to you once you hit department and grocery stores. If you don’t feel like using them, you can always go for Vaseline.
  2. Eyelash trimming. You can also usher the growth of your eyelashes by cutting off a little of their topmost portion. You can use the philosophy of hair regrowth on your legs. When you remove your hairs but not from the tips, they tend to grow back a lot faster.

Use Eyelash Growth Products

But, hey, before you even decide to buy any random eyelash growth serum, you may want to make sure that the product that you’re going to use is very safe and truly effective. Keep in mind that if you settle for a low-grade one, you are only making your problem worse. One of the most trusted products for losing eyelashes that you can find in the market is Idol-Lash. This lash conditioner can be one of your best-kept secrets for the longest eyelashes. It contains natural but highly selected ingredients that nourish every strand of your eyelash, allowing it to be stronger, curvier, and longer.